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Choosing your Cloud Kitchen Host

Here’s a scenario, you have decided to adapt your food business with the cloud kitchen concept but with all the cloud kitchens available and currently booming in Malaysia which one should you choose? It is the one closest to home, the one with the cheapest rate, or the one that offers the biggest space?

It’s a challenge, we know. That’s why we will be sharing with you 3 factors that you should look into before settling down on a location.

Although the cloud kitchen concept has a lower capital investment that is no reason for you to just decide and hope for the best. Research is a must! Especially when it comes down to the location that you’ll be setting up your store at.

The first aspect that you’ll need to consider when choosing a cloud kitchen is the demographic of the area. Cloud kitchen businesses often focus on food delivery platforms. Therefore, most of the orders will most likely come from the surrounding community as the platform will show ‘restaurants near you’ to the audience on their platform. Plus, cheaper delivery fee is also a significant factor in the customer buying decision.

Next on the list is accessibility. One of the advantages of adapting to the cloud kitchen concept is lower rental cost. This is because most cloud kitchen do not have the need to be located in hotspots to reach customers as they are focusing on delivery services. However, to ensure that your operation runs smoothly, it is also important to ensure that the cloud kitchen that you choose is accessible to both riders and customers, especially if you provide pick-up options for your customers.

Facilities and amenities is also an important aspect when choosing your cloud kitchen host. The size of kitchen space depends on the nature of your business; whether you would require a bigger space for equipment, preparation process, or stock inventory. However, it is also important to consider the facilities and amenities provided for the customers and riders such as the storefront and the order collection station. Before settling down, ensure that the space and facilities provided are good enough to support your business.

The list goes on but these three are what we believed to be some of the most important. Which is also the guideline that kEATchen also follows. 

As you know, kEATchen is located in the centre of Ara Damansara which is easily accessible and surrounded with a diverse and prosperous neighborhood which is ideal for our food delivery service business. The population consists of a mixed demographic with medium to high-income levels.

We also provide various facilities and services available to support our merchant grow their business. This includes building management, technical support, and an awesome collection system for order pick-up and delivery.

If you are looking for a cloud kitchen host and want to set up your business in a location that has a mixed demographic, is accessible, and has good facilities, we might just be what you are looking for. Don’t be shy and reach us at

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