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Is my menu Cloud Kitchen friendly?

As we have read and heard in the news lately, more and more cloud kitchens are booming in Klang Valley. Each offering food entrepreneurs and businesses a cheaper and more convenient alternative to operate their business. However, before you dive in and adapt to the cloud kitchen concept, there is one question that most entrepreneurs tend to miss out on, which is “Is my menu Cloud Kitchen friendly?”.

When going into cloud kitchen there are chances that your bestselling item in-store might also be your least ordered item on the menu or even worse might even be the one that received the most complaints.

If you are an F&B business that is shifting from a conventional restaurant to a cloud kitchen, here are some tips to make your menu cloud kitchen friendly.

First and foremost, make your food travel well! Packaging plays a huge role in this matter because the majority of partners on food delivery platforms such as GrabFood, Foodpanda, BeepIt and ShopeeFood are motorbike riders. They are always on the move to complete multiple orders within a set amount of time thus, it’s expected that the food you prepare will need to withstand some bumpy rides. Plus, take into consideration how customers will be receiving your food. Optimised the meal size and condiments to ensure it fits well in the container. Receiving the meal in good condition will assure customers that the meal was prepared with love and care.

Food preparation time is also essential. As a cloud kitchen, we strive for a fast-paced working environment to increase both riders and customers’ satisfaction. Let’s face it, who wants to wait an hour for their order to reach their front door and neither does any rider wants to wait outside the store when they have several pick-ups on their list. Therefore, if your dish takes up to 20 minutes to prepare, you might want to explore different cooking methods or take up pre-orders instead. When deciding on a menu, always opt for ease of doing and shorter prep time!

Other than that, when you are curating your menu for a cloud kitchen concept, we would recommend that you make your list of ingredients as short as possible. Unlike physical restaurants, shared kitchen offers businesses an optimised space for food preparation and cooking process. Maintaining a small inventory and minimising your cooking equipment does a lot in helping create a comfortable, clean and organised cooking environment.

To conclude, the menu is a huge part of any Food & Beverage business. It plays a huge role in deciding whether the business succeeds or fails. As Gordon Ramsey once said “Taste, taste and taste!”, don’t forget to get honest reviews from friends and family before finalising your menu. Prefer outsiders help? Look no further and come on over to kEATchen. Running a cloud kitchen ourselves, we know exactly what you need to expand your business in a cloud kitchen. Cooking space, high-technological solutions, consultancy, and marketing needs all under one roof.

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