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High-Tech Support: Is it THAT Essential for Cloud Kitchen?

We always hear that cloud kitchen provides high-tech support for their merchants. But what is this high-tech support? As one of the industry players, kEATchen support our merchants with technology integrated system to provide a seamless and convenient operation. How this system runs in kEATchen is simple! The orders we receive from the food delivery platforms will go straight to our merchant’s cubicle. Once the order is ready, Once the order is ready, the staff will scan the bar code printed on the order sheet that they received and put the order in the pigeon box provided and then an assigned rider will collect the order from the pigeon box. Yes, that makes it contactless too!  But the golden question here is, is it really important for a cloud kitchen to have this system? Let’s find out!

First of all, yes! A high-tech system is essential for a cloud kitchen. It is to ease our merchant’s duty where every order will go straight to their cubicle for the food preparation process. Therefore, our merchants will not need to hire more staff to manually take and key in the orders like the usual conventional restaurants. It will surely cut the cost of hiring staff for our merchants too.

The technology integrated system is also needed to ensure the order preparation process is smooth. As a cloud kitchen, we aim to have a fast-paced environment so that every order is prepared within the shortest time possible. Since we partnered with multiple food delivery platforms, we also do not want to waste our rider’s time! So, this system helps to keep us on track and complete all our orders in under 20 minutes. Plus, increasing our customer satisfaction at the same time!

Moreover, it is also important so that we can operate with more food delivery platforms in the market. When we collaborate with more delivery platforms, our merchants will have more exposure to the public and will also gain more sales. This high-tech support will remove the burden for our merchants even if we partnered with a lot of food delivery platforms. The tech support with the pigeon system allows merchants to avoid wastage which equals to low operation cost. This is because our pigeon box system ensures every rider takes only the correct order so there won’t be any wastage.

We also provide a merchant dashboard to our merchants for them to remotely track and monitor their business. Our merchant dashboard enables our merchants to have a holistic insight of their business such as operation performance, staff attendance, finance report, and many more.

Now we know that it is important for a cloud kitchen to have high-tech support. It’s a win-win situation! Both sides will gain benefits from this system. Most importantly, it will optimize the back-of-house operations. Cloud kitchens are undeniably beneficial for businesses to manage and expand their operations.

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