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Things You Need to Know Before Joining a Cloud Kitchen

According to The Restaurant Times (2019), the online food delivery business is expected to grow significantly by 2030. This is because restaurant food delivery sales are growing at a rate more than three times than on-premises sales. Due to higher rents and decreasing profits, restaurant owners are opting to close their storefronts entirely and focus on the more financially beneficial solution, cloud kitchen business. Although the cloud kitchen business does seem to promise a brighter future for F&B entrepreneurs, there are few aspects that you need to consider before joining the bandwagon.

As one of the cloud kitchen providers in Malaysia, kEATchen by EATvolution Sdn Bhd provides a smart kitchen for restaurant owners to expand or adapt their business with the cloud kitchen concept. Here are few reasons why we might just be “THE ONE” you’re looking for!

First and foremost, kEATchen provides our partners with a SMART KITCHEN! Since cloud kitchen works with food delivery partners, we always strive to deliver each order in under 30 minutes, making the order preparation time approximately 10-12 minutes. Therefore, an integrated kitchen display system is essential in the fast-paced cloud kitchen environment to shorten and optimize order preparation time. Here at kEATchen, we provide an order aggregation system that works smoothly to handle delivery orders that comes from multiple online food delivery platforms.  

Moreover, the most noticeable benefit of the cloud kitchen business is the minimal cost of facilities. The cost of infrastructure is limited only to the kitchen area because there is no fancy interior to be made, no wide property to be purchased, and no ambiance to be created. A big part of the cost that you’ll have to look into when adapting to our cloud kitchen will go to preparing the most delicious food for customers! The maintenance, cleaning, and operation sides, we got you covered.

Additionally, becoming one of our merchants, you’ll be able to reach more customers! To ensure maximum market development, kEATchen collaborate and partner with various food delivery platforms. Among the food delivery platforms that we currently working with are GrabFood, Foodpanda, AirAsia, ShopeeFood, EASI, and many more. Up to date, kEATchen is available on 13 online delivery platforms and we deliver out approx 200 orders/day.

Overall, the idea of a cloud kitchen stimulates and revolutionizes the food and beverage industry. Its low-cost, high-return benefit is lifting the playing field for small restaurants competing against large restaurants. Cloud kitchens undoubtedly provide wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their businesses.

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