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Why Cloud Kitchens Have Gain Popularity

During the recent months and multiple shutdowns across all parts of Malaysia, the cloud kitchen business has turned up as a choice for both new and existing Food & Beverage entrepreneurs. This is because, in these recent years, online food delivery services have reached their maturity which influenced the shift of customer food purchasing behavior from having dine-in to online delivery. Hence, This is why cloud kitchen is the best choice for F&B entrepreneurs to expand their business.

There are many reasons that had F&B entrepreneurs move towards the cloud kitchen business. Among these reasons are the fact that cloud kitchens require less capital to open as they do not call for a high-traffic location, which will also help in lowering property costs. Moreover, as the cloud kitchen does not provide any dine-in space for customers, there is no cost involved in preparing attractive decorations and service staff to ensure a good customer experience. Therefore, shows that cloud kitchens require low investments from the F&B business owners.

Furthermore, cloud kitchens businesses usually come hand-in-hand with technology integrated systems to ease out merchant operation. This technology resource will enable growth for the F&B business. Acknowledging the operational mechanics of the delivery app as well as the cost of menu option acquisition is essential for the growth of a cloud kitchen business.

Ultimately, the cloud kitchen business offers better expansion opportunities. In the context of the cloud kitchen business, growing operations is considerably faster and easier. This is because the initial expenses to adapt a cloud kitchen concept are generally lower. Therefore, owners can expand and operate more kitchens in the same measure of years. There are also cloud kitchens like kEATchen that provide marketing support to enable the merchant’s growth. 

To conclude, the pandemic has undoubtedly changed the food delivery landscape and customer purchasing behavior. As a result of this transformation, we can see that cloud kitchen will become the best solution for F&B entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

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